Rules & Regulations

Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.  Saturdays by scheduled appointment only.  CLOSED SUNDAY.

The Cemetery gates are opened daily at 8:00 a.m. and close promptly at 5:00 p.m.

Burial Rights in Cemetery lots may be purchased from an authorized representative at the business office of the Cemetery.  A certificate of burial location signed by two members of the Olive Lawn Corporation will be issued and mailed to the purchaser upon completion of payment.

Each grave purchase is recorded at the time of sale in the name of the purchaser. Transfer of ownership from original purchaser to a private party or family member is subject to a transfer fee.

No interments are made until all charges for interment space, services and the endowment care fund deposit have been paid in full at least 36 hours in advance of interment.

Prices for grave spaces, grave opening and closing fees and fees for other cemetery services are published on a separate schedule and may, from time to time, be subject to change.

Prevailing endowment fees, established by Management are charged on all unused graves regardless of when they were sold.  Past purchasers may pay the endowment fee at any time prior to use.  New purchasers will pay the fee at the time of purchase.

The Cemetery Manager reserves the right to schedule burial/entombment time.

An approved liner or vault is used for all interments.  The remains or cremains of the deceased are brought to the cemetery in a closed casket, urn or enclosed container approved by the cemetery.

All funerals, upon reaching the Cemetery, are under the direct supervision of the Cemetery Management.

No labor of any type may be performed within the Cemetery boundaries except by employees of the Cemetery.

To ensure the safety of all, no family or friends other than cemetery employees are allowed to remain for the lowering of the casket, vault or liner.  All work on the service area is performed after family and friends have left the service area.

The Cemetery reserves the inherent right to enter upon or cross over grave sites of spaces for the purpose of making improvements or repairs, to accomplish routine grounds maintenance and/or to prepare other grave spaces for interments.

Visitors to the Cemetery shall not deposit any materials therein (other than flowers), commit any type of waste, engage in unseemly conduct, or other activities detrimental or inappropriate to cemetery.  No alcoholic beverages allowed on Cemetery grounds.

Flower vases of the type allowed may be purchased at the Cemetery Office.  Non-conforming containers will be removed.  Limit of two flower vases allowed per grave space.

Decorations on the lawns are limited to cut flowers and/or one six inch potted plant.  Special decorations are permitted one week before these holidays: Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day

All holiday decorations will be removed one week following the holidays.

Personal planting and display items such as artificial flowers, large potted plants, rocks, toys,  balloons,  statuary, pin wheels, crosses,  glass,  wire, etc. are not permitted.  These items will be removed.  All decorations will eventually be removed for mowing and edging.  Only those flowers in good condition will be saved.  The Cemetery will not retain any decorations after removal.

Only Headstones with the surface flush with the lawn will be permitted.  Size and material requirements must be cleared by the Cemetery Office.  Headstones to be installed only by cemetery staff.  Removing soil from around headstones for a border is not allowed, nor is the addition of crushed rock, or other materials.  Any excavation on grounds is not allowed.

Note:  Olive Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery cannot be held responsible for damage to headstones after installation due to vandalism, neglect or the effects of weather and time.

All Headstones will only be placed at the west end of all burial spaces.

Prevailing endowment fees are charged on graves that have been purchased prior to January 1, 1953 when the family wants to use that grave.

Absolutely no disinterment is allowed without the express written consent of the Cemetery along with the proper legal papers furnished by the immediate family.

These Rules & Regulations are subject to change by the Board of Trustees without notice.  Changes shall have full binding effect on the parties as if they were in existence at the creation of this document.