Why should I pre-plan?

Most of us plan for many aspects of life.  Having a family, vacations, weddings, and retirements are all usually planned ahead of time.  We even prepare for the eventualities that statistically have remote chances of occurring.  We buy insurance for car accidents, fires and floods.  But since we do not like to think about death, we typically avoid making plans for it, even though it is the one event that is certain to happen to all of us at some point in time.

What are some of the advantages of pre-planning as opposed to waiting?

There are many advantages in purchasing a burial space ahead of need.  The major ones include:

  Like most real estate, burial property prices go up over time.  For example, our burial plots in 1982 sold for $460 to $610.  Increasing and aging populations in Southern California are making burial property more scarce, and therefore more valuable over time.  We don’t anticipate this trend to change anytime soon.

Clear decisions.
  Pre-planning allows you to make rational decisions ahead of time, avoiding the emotional urgencies that arise when death occurs.  Industry studies show that on average, families who pre-plan final arrangements spend considerably less those who don’t.

Family unburdening.
  Pre-planning will spare your family this task at a difficult time. You have the peace of mind knowing that this burden has been lifted from your loved ones.

Your decisions.
Pre-planning ensures that your personal wishes are fulfilled, that your family will not have to make financial decisions when they are emotionally vulnerable, and that you can better afford the arrangements you want.
The key to successful pre-planning is to know what your options are, and to be knowledgeable of service options and competitive pricing.  In this case, knowledge really is power. 
To give you an idea of service options and price estimates that are available, we have put together a page of
referrals.  Although Olive Lawn Memorial Park itself does not offer caskets or mortuary services, our years of experience can help direct you to companies that do offer great service and fair pricing.  Please feel free to contact us to discuss any future needs you or your family might have.