*Reduced pricing on Double Niche Space
Please ask for details

Adult Grave Space
(96 inches)

Price: $8,900.00 - $10,000.00
(Includes double-depth burial space, recording, future file, certificate issuing & Endowment Care fee of $1000.00)
Mention our website when purchasing a Pre-need Adult or Cremation Space and receive a free Ground Flower Vase (a $40 value)

Ground Flower Vase

Price: $40 plus tax

Infant Grave or Cremation Space
(for infant or cremated remains, ground space)

Price: $3,500.00 - $4,200.00
(Includes burial space for Infant or Cremated remains, recording, future file, certificate issuing & Endowment Care fee of $500.00)

Mausoleum Garden Crypts

Price: (single): $8,000.00 (Includes Crypt, recording, future file, issuing certificate & Endowment Care fee of $1,000.00)
Price: (double): $13,000 (Includes Crypt, recording, future file, issuing certificate & Endowment Care fee of $1,000.00)

(cremation niches)

Price: (double Serenity niche) $2,000 - $3,000
(Includes interment rights to niche space, recording, future file, Certificate issuing & Endowment Care fee of $500.00)

Memorial Markers

Price: Starting at $357* for 9” X 18” black granite marker
*price is dependent on art work chosen, and includes setting fee.
Sizes available:
9 inches x 18 inches
12 inches x 24 inches
16 inches x 28 inches

Headstone Setting Fees
(when headstone is purchased elsewhere)

Price: (9 inches x 18 inches) $195
Price: (12 inches x 24 inches) $244
Price: (16 inches x 28 inches) $266

Mausoleum Crypt Name Plates

Price: Starting at $679 plus tax
(includes setting fee)

Cremation Niche Name Plates

Price: Starting at $518 plus tax
(includes vase and setting fee)

Cremation Vault
(7 in. x 8 in. x 12 in.)

Price: $118 plus tax

The Rememberence Wall
(A place to memorialize a loved one who is buried elsewhere or for a burial at sea.  Red granite plaque for name inscription.)

Price: $450 for inscription

Interment Costs

Burial Permit: $150
(when not already provided by mortuary)
Department of Consumer Affairs Fee: $8.50
Adult  (Casket grave or crypt opening and closing): $1,200 - Effective January 19, 2017
Infant (48-inch grave opening and closing): $635
Concrete Liner: $320 plus tax
(OR) Sentinel Vault: $775 plus tax

Cremated remains placed in a 96-inch grave
(Includes the right to inter cremated remains on a 96 inch gravesite.)

Opening and Closing: $1,200

Cremated remains in ground space or in a Niche

At-site scheduled interment: $635
Without scheduled interment: $425
Cremation Vault - $118 plus tax

(requires a Certified Death Certificate supplied by family)

Disinterment Permit: $150
Adult (96-inch grave or crypt ): $2,500
Cremated remains: $610
Infant or child (ground burial): $1,200


Services entering after 2:15 PM or leaving after 3:00 PM: $375
Saturday Service Charge: $535

Final Inscription on Headstone or Niche

$160 for first line
$3.50 per additional character
*Due to availability of our stone cutter, final inscription orders could take up to 3 months to be fulfilled.

No Sunday Services
Prices effective January 2017, and are subject to change without notice.