What follows are some of the questions we frequently receive from our visitors.  This information may be helpful in answering some the questions you might have. If you have questions about Funeral Etiquette, please scroll down to the “Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Etiquette” section below.

Are there any memorial spaces left in Olive Lawn Memorial Park?
Yes.  We have a wide selection of ground spaces, mausoleum crypts and columbarium (cremation) niches. 

Is Olive Lawn a cemetery of one particular faith?
No.  All faiths may and have been interred here since 1924.

Are companion graves (a double-depth grave space) available?
Yes.  All our graves are companion graves.

Are terms available for purchasing pre-need burial plots or niches?
We accept a 20% down payment.  If the account is paid in full within 90 days, there is no interest charge on the balance. 

If I move or am transferred to another area, what happens to my memorial property?
There have been times when Olive Lawn has re-purchased plots, but generally the owner is responsible for the sale of their own plot.  Some owners have donated their plots to charitable organizations to receive the tax write-off. 

What if I choose cremation?
Olive Lawn offers 2 ft. x 4 ft. ground spaces that allow for a 9 in. x 18 in. memorial tablet, or cremains may be interred on a family plot or inurned in a columbarium niche. 

What is the advantage of purchasing a pre-need memorial property?

  • First, plot prices have consistently risen, especially over the last few years.  Purchasing pre-need locks in the current purchase price. 
  • Second, you are making purchasing decisions before you are feeling the emotional strain of grief or immediacy, and are therefore likely to make more rational decisions. 
  • Third, purchasing pre-need allows for the wishes of the entire family to be expressed.

What happens to Olive Lawn after all the spaces are sold?
When you purchase a property, California State laws require that funds be deposited into a segregated Endowment Care Fund to cover the ongoing future maintenance costs of the cemetery.   

Does Olive Lawn have a mortuary?
No, but we do offer a list of reputable local mortuaries that we know have provided professional service to other families in the past. 

What can I do to reduce funeral costs?

  • Do your research and make your purchasing decisions well before the need arises.
  • Seriously consider cremation over burial. The overall costs are substantially less.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Funeral Etiquette

What is a visitation?
A formal visitation provides a time and place for you to offer the family your expression of sorrow and sympathy. Visitation is typically held at the funeral home, and the deceased is typically present so that you can pay your last respects.

How do I know when visitation hours are?
It may be listed in the newspaper obituary, or you may call the funeral home holding the visitation.  It is appropriate to visit any time during the established visiting hours. If prayer services are to be held, it is important to be prompt.

How long should I stay at a visitation?
The amount of time you spend at a visitation is discretionary. Once you have expressed your sympathy to each member of the family and spoken a few moments to those you know well, it is acceptable to leave, although you may wish to stay longer.

What should I do when I attend the visitation?
When you arrive, go to the family and express your sympathy. If you were an acquaintance of the deceased, but not well known to the family, immediately introduce yourself. Conversation about the deceased is natural, as is crying.

If offered by the family, it is customary, but not mandatory, to show your respects by viewing the deceased and, if you desire, spending a few moments in silent prayer.

Always sign the guest book using your full name (i.e., Mrs. John Doe), and if you were a business associate of the deceased, note your company affiliation.

What should I say to the family?
Using your own words, express your sympathy. Kind words about the deceased or shared memories are always appropriate.

What other expressions of sympathy are appropriate?
Notes, cards and e-mails to the family are always appreciated, especially if you were unable to attend the funeral.

If the deceased was Catholic, a mass card or arranging for a mass to be said for the deceased is also appropriate. The Mass offering card or envelope is available from any Catholic parish.

Gifts of food are also welcome.

What is the difference between a Memorial Service and a Funeral Service?
A memorial service is a service without the deceased present. The deceased is present at a funeral service. The same rules of etiquette apply.

What is appropriate dress for visitations and funerals?
It is no longer necessary to wear black when you go to a funeral. Dress should be conservative and should be selected to indicate dignity and respect for the family and the deceased.

What is a private service?
This type of service is by invitation only.

Should children attend the visitation and funeral?
Children who were intimate with the deceased should be given the option to attend visitation and the funeral service.

What do I do when I arrive at the funeral/memorial service?
When you arrive, quietly take a seat if the service is being held in a church or chapel. The first few rows are usually reserved for the immediate family and the casket bearers. There may be an opportunity during the service for you to share some words about the deceased. If the ceremony is being held at the interment site, seating is usually only available for the immediate family.